"I have to protect my rods in the best and most efficient way possible.
  Of course my choice is the 'Original' Rod Sox." - Jeff Kriet


Rod Sox provide so many benefits including:

  • A "push-on" - "push-off" motion that eliminates the guide or hook hang-ups
  • Protects your valued investment from scratches, guide damage, line breakage, and rod locker damage
  • Feature a tough, double layered, size color coded, tapered tip which protects your rod tips, & makes loading into rod tubes fast and easy.
  • Added benefit for co-anglers to help keep rods tangle free and easily accessible in a limited space.
  • Easy and safe way to transport your rods

Features and Benefits vs. the competition:

  • Rubber base to avoid hook snags
  • Highest density weave to avoid guide puncture or damage
  • Tapered tip for easy locker storage
  • Microguide compatible

RodSox Features:

Breathable - Rod Sox can go on wet or dry equipment. The breathable mesh allows air to easily pass through allowing any moisture out and drying your rod and line.

Safety Tip - The hardened tip of our Rod Sox protects the last guide/tip of rod from the wear and tear of placing or removing rods from rod lockers or any type of storage.

Durable Tag - With the addition of a hang hole in the new, durable, rubber tag, rods can now be “hung up” for storage, a great and safe way to save room and keep your rod out of harm’s way laying or leaning elsewhere. After the Rod Sox is completely seated on the rod, a gently tug on the rubber "mouth" will "Lock" the Rod Sox in place, and it won't slip off. When it’s time to go fishing, a sim-ple push of the mouth upwards releases the "lock" and the Rod Sox will just slide right off.

Easy Identification - The hard tip is wrapped with a color tape indicating the length of the rod it fits so that you can easily tell your rods apart and know which Rod Sox go on what rod when ready for storage. (For Example: green tip tape is for a 6'6" rod, while red tip = 7' rod, etc...)

Tangle Free - Avoid the tangling of rods and line when carrying gear to and from the water.

Mesh Density – The Original Rod Sox have the densest mesh of any rod protector on the market. This makes them more durable over time, improves the protection of your rod, and allows a tighter weave for added safety of rod guides, especially microguides.

Improved Mouth – The new and improved pliable, rubber-type "mouth" on the bottom end of the Rod Sox seals the mesh from fraying or unrolling, as well as protects the rod paint from any scratching from open mesh. In addition, the rubber mouth provides about a 1 3'4" protective barrier between the hook and the mesh to prevent lure hang-ups.

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